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Vanguard Archives Consulting is an archival consultancy and information management project incubator. Born from a desire to expand archival practice, tools, and networks to wide-ranging communities, we seek out and invite partners across industries interested in storytelling, archives, preservation, and digital projects. We are especially proud to partner with individuals, organizations, and communities whose stories all too often exist at the margins.  

About Us

Vanguard provides training and education, archival project management services, consulting, creative partnership, and connection building. With an emphasis on imagining future possibilities, Vanguard seeks to be a thought partner in bringing ideas into practice. Recognizing storytelling and the resources to self-document are crucial to intergenerational communication, evidence of existence, and authentic legacy-making, Vanguard is a partner who can help you make intentional choices about preservation, future planning, and present day information management needs.

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